Discrete Mathematics and Logic -- A.Y. 2017/2018

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Faculty of Computer Science
Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering (BSc)

This page contains the material relevant to Discrete Mathematics and Logic (academic Year: 2017/18 -- First Semester) module including lecture handouts and practical material. All enquiries regarding the module should be addressed to Prof. Alessandro Artale.

The course includes Lab exercises to solve particular problems and apply theory into practice. Responsibles for the Lab are:

Dr. Elena Botoeva;
Dr. Daniele Porello.
Please, send me an email to enroll in one of the two Labs. Student should split equally between the two Labs.
Course Syllabus

Discrete Math
1. Methods of Proof: Direct Proofs
2. Methods of Proof: Indirect Proofs
3. Sequences
4. Induction Principle
5. Recursive Sequences
6. Induction for Proving Loops -- Loop Invariant
7. Structural Induction
8. Set Theory
9. Functions
10. Functions and Cardinalities ( Video-1 and Video-2)
11. Relations
12. Equivalence and Partial-Order Relations
13. Graphs
14. Graphs Isomorphisms
1. Introduction to Logic
2. Propositional Logic (Part I)
3. Propositional Logic (Part II)
4. First Order Logic (Part I)
5. First Order Logic (Part II)
6. First Order Logic as a Modelling Language
7. Conceptual Modelling Vs. First Order Logic

LAB Exercises
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1. Proof Techniques
2. Mathematical Induction, Loop Invariant and Structural Induction
3. Set Theory, Functions and Cardinalities
4. Relations
5. Partial Order Relations and Graphs
6. Graphs and Trees
7. Propositional Logic
8. First Order Logic
9. First Order Logic: Sat, Validity and Tableaux
10. First Order Logic: Tableaux and Formalizations of Problems

MID-TERM Exam on Discrete Mathematics part: 24.November.2017.
Students who pass the mid-term exam on Discrete Mathematics can avoid the respective part of the final exam.

Mid-Term exam: Results.

1. Past MidTerm Exam
2. Past MidTerm Exam

Past Exams
Past Exam Paper - Discrete Math