Algorithms for Data Processing -- A.Y. 2019/2020

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Faculty of Computer Science
Master in Computational Data Science (MSc)

This page contains the material relevant to Algorithms for Data Processing (academic Year: 2019/20 -- First Semester) module including lecture handouts and practical material. All enquiries regarding the module should be addressed to Prof. Alessandro Artale.

The course includes Lab exercises to solve particular problems and apply theory into practice.

Course Syllabus

1.1 Introduction to Computational Efficiency
1.2 Introduction to Computational Efficiency
2. Graphs and Trees
3.1 Graph Algorithms - Undirected Graphs
3.2 Graph Algorithms - Directed Graphs
3.3 Graph Algorithms - Dijkstra Shortes Path
4.1 Network Flow
4.2 Network Flow -- Applications
5.1 Intractable Problems -- Polynomial Reduction
5.2 Intractable Problems -- NP Problems
6.1 Solving Intractable Problems
6.2 Solving Intractable Problems: Traveling Salesman

LAB Exercises
1. Search Based Algorithms on Graphs
2. Bipartite/2-Colorability, Strong Components
3. Topological Order
4. Shortest Path - Dijkstra
5.1 Net-Flow Part I
5.2 Net-Flow Part II
5.3 Net-Flow Part III
6. NP Problems
7. Knapsack Problem and Dynamic Programming

Past Exams
Past Exam Paper