Introduction to Database Systems: Lectures

The slides are in PDF and cover the following topics:

  1. Introduction  (Slides, Handouts)

  2. Fundamental Concepts  (Slides, Handouts)

  3. Conceptual Modelling  (Slides, Handouts)

  4. The Relational Model  (Slides, Handouts)

  5. Mapping ER Models to Relational Schemas  (Slides, Handouts)

  6. Data Definition and Manipulation in SQL  (Slides, Handouts)

  7. Relational Algebra  (Slides, Handouts)

  8. Queries in SQL  (Slides, Handouts)

  9. Database Access from a Programming Language  (Slides, Handouts)

  10. File Organisation and Indexing  (Slides, Handouts)

  11. Tree-structured Indexes  (Slides, Handouts)

  12. Query Execution  (Slides, Handouts)

  13. Indexes in Database Management Systems: PostgreSQL and Oracle  (Slides, Handouts)

  14. Execution Plans in PostgreSQL  (Slides, Handouts)

  15. Functional Dependencies  (Slides, Handouts)

  16. Normalization  (Slides, Handouts)

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