Databases II -- (2003/2004)

This page contains the material relevant to Databases II (academic Year: 2003-2004 -- First Semester) module including lecture handouts and practicals material. All enquiries for the module should be addressed to Alessandro Artale

1. Introduction to DBMS, Memory Organization, Relations Storage.
2. Indexing: Primary and Secondary Indexes, B-Trees.
2.II. Indexing: Index on Multiple Keys.
3. Relational Algebra; Relational Algebra Vs. SQL.
4. Query Processing. Algorithms for Implementing Query Operators.
5. Query Rewriting.
6. Recovery from System Failures.
7. Concurrency Control.
8. Database Integration.

1. Relation Storage
2. Indexing
3. B+Trees
4. B+Trees Indexes
5. Recovery from System Failure
6. Concurrency Control
7. Revision: Concurrency and Recovery. This is the Solution.
8. Revision: Exam Exercises. This is the Solution.

20.11.2003 Mid-Term Assignment (30%).