SHMI 2016/2017

Seminars in Human Machine Interaction

This web page is for the course of seminars in human machine interaction (SHMI).


Students can read at the anonymous version of the 2017 winter exam results.

An exam of a previous year. Nota bene: the syllabus was rather different.

Office Hours

Office hours are always upon appointment via mail.
The office hour time window is during the lecture time span: Mon-Thu mornings from 8:30 to 12:30.

My office is at the 1st floor, right wing, Faculty of Computer Science, Piazza Domenicani 3, Bolzano.

Course Texbook

Course textbooks are as follows, and available as Safari-tech e-books via the UniBZ library.

Designing for the Digital Age, Goodwin, A.

Measuring the User Experience, Tullis, T. and Albert, B.


Lecture slides serve to: (1) complement textbooks with mandatory material; (2) indicate what is mandatory to study in textbooks. Lecture slides come with compation revision slides, containing transfer-of-knowledge and verification questions. Try them out to test your comprehension of the lecture material.

Lab slides list lab exercises. For lab resolutions, use the lab template.


Lecture slides.

Context of Use and Requirements

Lecture slides and companion revision slides.

Lab1 slides and related interview data.

Lab2 slides.

Design and Prototyping

Lecture slides.
Companion revision slides.

Lab3 slides.

Lab4 slides.


Lecture slides: Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IVa; Part IVb; Part V (Part V was not covered in class, and hence it is not part of the program).
Companion revision slides.

Lab5 slides.

Lab6-7 slides (updated on Jan 17th, due to a mistake in the last Exercise of Lab 7 spot by a student—thanks!). You can download example resolutions by a group of students for part of Exercise 2.2 and Exercise 2.3. Extensive explanation pieces and examples for CIs for estimating task times and satisfaction ratings are in the book ``Quantifying the User Experience'' by Sauro and Lewis, available as Safari Tech Book through the UniBZ library.

Lab8 slides. Companion xls file.