Maker Lab


This is the web page for the Maker Lab course of the Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

The 2022/2023 edition of the course will start on October 15th 2022, in C4.01. This academic year the university management has decided that all lectures are IN PRESENCE and the steaming of lectures is NOT ALLOWED.

Course and Exam Modality

The course and its exam are on site. Being a physical-computing course, regular on-site attendance is strongly recommended.

There are two different exam modalities: (1) one is for students attending on site the large majority of classes; (2) the other is for all other students. They are documented in the course syllabus, and explained in details during the first class.

In all cases, the exam is on site and it is a fail/pass exam, i.e., there are no marks.

Necessary Equipment

Students need to come to the course and exam with their own laptops.

Furthermore, the course and hence the exam make use of design and physical-computing toolkits. The toolkits will be explained at the start of the course and documented in the course material.

Nota bene: the course toolkits are prepared in advance by teachers and made available for free but only during class and exam hours to on-site attendees, i.e., on-site attendance is necessary for using the course toolkits.

Copyright Statement

The course contents and this web page are copyrighted and maintained by Rosella Gennari. You are free to reuse the material under a Share Alike license.