Computer Programming for Computational Linguistics 2020/2021


This web page is for the introduction to Computer Programming course of the Masters in Computational Linguistics, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. The first part is by Rosella Gennari. The second part is by Mehdi Rizvi.

Year 20–21: Course Organisation due to COVID

For this course, each student needs to have an Internet connection and his/her own computer with the TEAMS application installed.

The course on Teams is named "Computer Programming at Applied Linguistics". First-year students of the Master's in Applied Linguistics only need to connect to TEAMS with their unibz student account to access the course.

In particular, all material of the course is organised in classes in Teams so as to faciliated self-study as best as possible—however, mind that programming is best learnt by practicing it step by step, e.g., reading of programming is not sufficient to master programming.
Classes and their material can be of type: (1) frontal lecture; (2) challenge, with quizzes; (3) challenge, with problems. See below.

Frontal Lectures

The material of frontal lectures is stored in Teams > Files, e.g., class1 contains material related to the first class and so on. Information on programming software for the course is in Teams > Files > class1.

Challenges: Quizzes

Quizzes for self-assessment consist of small, targeted programming exercises. Quizzes are made available to all enrolled students under "Assignment". Students can try them out, check their resolutions and self-test their understanding any time but within their academic year.

Other quizzes are also embedded in the frontal lecture material: they are discussed, tackled (individually, in group or all together) and resolved during class hours.

Challenges: Problems

Problems are general programming exercises. Like quizzes, problems are made available to all enrolled students under "Assignment". However, differently than for quizzes, the resolutions to problems can be diverse. Therefore each problem comes with a deadline and is not available afterwards.

Resolutions must be summited via "Assignments" in Teams and within their deadline; they are discussed in class and individual personal feedback is given. However late resolutions or resolutions via mail are not accepted nor corrected.

Copyright Statement

The course contents and this web page are copyrighted and maintained by Rosella Gennari. You are free to reuse the material under a Share Alike lincese.