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Computer Programming for Computational Linguistics 2019/2020


This web page is for the introduction to Computer Programming course of the Masters in Computational Linguistics, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano.

Syllabus with Exam Organisation

Download the syllabus.

Copyright Statement

The course contents and this web page are copyrighted and maintained by Rosella Gennari. You are free to reuse the material under a Share Alike lincese.

Slides and Schedule

In general, unless differently communicated, the course timetable is as follows:
Mondays, 9:00–13:00 in Bressanone-Brixen;
Saturdays, 9:00–13:00, E4.23, Piazza Università-Universit√§tsplatz 1, Bolzano-Bozen.
The daily course slides and schedule follow.

Class 1 (6 hours), September 30th: introduction and setting. Lecture slides and lab slides, plus the survey for students.

Class 2, October 7th, in BX: expressions, variables, assignments. Slides.

Class 3, October 12nd, in BZ: Boolean expressions, branching, infinite iterations (basics). Slides.

Class 4, October 14th, in BX: Boolean expressions, branching, infinite iterations (advanced). Slides.

Class 5, October 19th, in BZ: iteration (basics). Slides.

Class 6, October 21st, in BX: iteration (advanced). Slides. Rules-of-thumb slides. Optional material: slides on recursive functions.

Classes 7 and 8, October 26th and November 4th, in BZ and BX, respectively: functions (basics, advanced). Slides.

Classes 9 and 10, November 9th and 11th, in BZ and BX: list and strings (basics and advanced). Slides.

Classes 11 and 12, November 16th and 23th, in BZ: strings, lists, accessing text files in secondary memory (basics and advanced), recap exercises. See slides with the new material, and slides with recap exercises.

Classes 13 and 14, November 25th and 30th, in BX and BZ, respectively: dictionaries (basics and advanced). Slides and Jane Austen excerpt for Challenge 4, Part II.

Classes 15 and 16, December 5th and 7th, in BX and BZ respectively: sets and tuples (basics and advanced), recap exercises on data structures. Slides with the new material, besides recap exercises on data structures.

Classes 17 and 18, December 9th and 14th, in Bolzano: string formatting and regular expressions (basics), introduction to web pages and services. Slides. See the output xmas-personal.html file which is generated by running a python script we used in class.

Classes 19, 20 and 21, January 7th, 11th, 13th, in BX, BZ and BX, respectively: accessing web pages with Beautiful Soup, accessing web services with json, processing text with nltk and spacy (basics). Slides (to complete). Download: intro-nltk.txt; intro-spacy.txt; tag-with-nltk.txt; tag-with-spacy.txt;

Class 22, January 18th, in BX and BZ, respectively: packing and installing, recap, outlook on CS. Slides. Recap exercises for the first-half of the course. Recap exercises for the second-half of the course.