Computer Programming for Computational Linguistics 2020/2021


This web page is for the introduction to Computer Programming course of the Masters in Computational Linguistics, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. The first part is by Rosella Gennari. The second part is by Mehdi Rizvi.

Year 19–20: Material and Autumn Exam Session

Until September 2020, 2019–2020 students find here the material for the 2019–2020 edition of the course. Afterwards, it will be cancelled.

Due to the emergency situation, also the autumn exam will be in distance modality, on August 28th 2020, from 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning. This requires that each student has at disposal a webcam and a stable Internet connection which need to be on during the entire exam duration.

The type of exam is an exam with the student writing on paper/computer. The student's computer, running the application TEAMS, shall be placed approximately one meter from the student for live control.

Year 20–21: Course Organisation due to COVID

In general, unless differently communicated, the course is expected to be partly in presence (at least for the first classes) and partly online.

For this course, each student needs to have an Internet connection and his/her own computer with the TEAMS application installed. TEAMS will be used to manage the course assignments and material in general. Students need to connect to TEAMS with their unibz student account.

Details on programming software for the course will be given during the first classes.

Copyright Statement

The course contents and this web page are copyrighted and maintained by Rosella Gennari. You are free to reuse the material under a Share Alike lincese.