Continuous Agile and Lean Process Innovation (CALPI)


The mission of the CALPI research stream is to continuously improve the process of developing evolving critical systems, and constructing efficient and effective methods and practices for this purpose. Particularly an end-to-end view on evolving critical systems is taken to ensure that business values are delivered eventually through continuous process improvement.


The group and its activities are relevant for:

(a) From a research perspective, the CALPI research stream is built upon several research areas, including software process improvement, agile and lean approaches, DevOps, Lean Startups and other process innovation themes, and will contribute to these bodies of knowledge with new practices, methods, techniques and tools that could support continuous process innovation in agile and lean manners

(b) From an education perspective, this research stream is closely linked to several software engineering courses offered at the both bachelor and master levels, such as Software Process Management, Lean Startup, etc.. CALPI can contribute to more effective teaching of these courses, through instilling the most up-to-date research results from both the contributing members and from the relevant research fields.

(c) From a technology transfer point of view, the research results achieved in this stream in the format of practices, methods, techniques and tools are directly adoptable and applicable by software practitioners and companies to improve their development processes and eventually deliver business value through software development.

Contact person:

Xiaofeng Wang


Andrea Janes
Dron Khanna
Jorge Melegati
Xiaofeng Wang


Agile and lean software development
Continuous process improvement
Continuous deliver of business value
Distributed and global agile development
Scaling agile and lean
Software startups

Key Technologies

Agile and Lean Methods
Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment Pipelines
Lean Startup Approach

Related Courses

Lean Startup
Software Factory
Software Process and Project Management


Supporting Tools for:

Agile and Lean Methods
Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment Pipelines
Software Startup process

Industry Partners

IDM Business Incubator (IT)
Datatellers (IT)

Scientific Partners

Pekka Abrahamsson (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
Kieran Conboy (NUIG, Ireland)
Anh Nguyen-Duc (University College of South East Norway, Norway)
Ilaria Lunesu (University of Cagliari, Italy)
Members of Software Startup Research Network