Dynamic Architecture and Systems (DAS)


The objective of the DAS stream is to develop foundations and engineering methods and techniques for dynamic systems and their architecture. Specifically, we target (i) the analysis of structural and behavioral aspects of adaptive systems and architectures and (ii) their development in heterogeneous environments.

This endeavour shall provide a better understanding, techniques and tools for application areas such as IoT, Cloud or Embedded Systems.


The group and its activities are relevant for:

(a) From a Research perspective, the researchers aim at developing cutting-edge research in the area of Software Engineering, specifically Software Architecture, leveraging also Distributed Systems and Artificial Intelligence technology.

(b) From an education point of view, the areas of concern and competence of the research collaborators are fundamental for many educational activities not only for professional software engineers or even untrained end-user software engineers, but also for engineers in areas that involve various technical platforms including sensors or networks.

(c) From a technology transfer point of view, the type of research carried out is a fundamental contributor to systems engineering problems in areas ranging from traditional Enterprise Software to Sensor, Robotics and other IoT and Industry4.0 Applications.

Contact person:

Claus Pahl


Nabil El Ioini
Ilenia Fronza
Claus Pahl
Areeg Samir


Software Architecture
Software Systems Engineering
Adaptive Systems
Secure Systems
Cloud Technology
Internet of Things
Dependable Systems Engineering

Key Technologies

Cloud Resource Management
IoT Platforms
Adaptive Systems Management in Mobile Devices
Cloud Migration and Evolution
Cloud Security and Certification
Systems Monitoring and Analysis
Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Related Courses

Software Engineering
Requirements and Design of Software Systems
Advanced Internet Technologies
Mobile Systems Engineering


Cloud Controllers
Drone Resource Management
Cloud Software Migration for Business Applications

Industry Partners

FlyingBaskets (IT)
Intel (Ireland)

Scientific Partners

Hamid Arabnejad (FEUP, PT)
Claudio Ardagna (U Milano, IT)
Antonio Brogi (U Pisa, Italy)
Ernesto Damiani (Khalifa U, AE)
Robert Heinrich (KIT, GER)
Markus Helfert (DCU, IE)
Pooyan Jamshidi (CMU, US)
Brian Lee (AIT, IE)
Xiaodong Liu (Edinburgh Napier U, UK)
Theo Lynn (DCU, IE)
Nabor Mendonca (U Fortaleza, BRA)
Andreas Metzger (Paluno, GER)
Stefan Schulte (TU Vienna, AT)
Andre van Hoorn (U Stuttgart, GER)
Danny Weyns (KU Leuven, BE)
Li Zhang (Northeastern U, China)
Olaf Zimmermann (HSR, CH)


ECO (Startup UniBZ)
Green4drones (CRC UniBZ)