List of Publications in SE

Authored Books

Fitzgerald, B., Kesan, J., Russo, B., Shaikh, M., Succi, G. (2011) Adopting Open Source Software: A Practical Guide, The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, London, England

Russo B., Scotto M., Sillitti A., Succi G. (2009) Agile Technologies in Open Source Development, IGI Global

Editorship Proceedings

Abrahamsson, P., Corral, L., Oivo, M., Russo, B. (2015) Product-Focused Software Process Improvement - 16th International Conference, PROFES 2015, Bolzano, Italy, December 2-4, 2015, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9459, Springer 2015, ISBN 978-3-319-26843-9

Ceravolo, P., Russo, B., Accorsi, R. (2015) Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis - 4th International Symposium, SIMPDA 2014, Milan, Italy, November 19-21, 2014, Revised Selected Papers. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 237, Springer 2015, ISBN 978-3-319-27242-9

Russo, B., Ceravolo, P.,  Accorsi, R. (Eds.) (2014) Data-driven Process Discovery and Analysis: Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Data-driven Process Discovery and Analysis (SIMPDA 2014), Milan, Italy, November 19-21, CEUR, 2014

Hissam, S. A., Russo, B., de Mendonça Neto, M. M., Kon, F. (Eds.) (2011) Open Source Systems: Grounding Research - Proceedings of 7th IFIP WG 2.13 International Conference, OSS 2011, Salvador, Brazil, October 6-7, 2011

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Articles in professional journals

Fitzgerald, B.,  Kesan, J. P. , Russo, B., Shaikh, M., Succi G. (2012) Lessons Learned from the Adoption of Open Source Software, The European Financial Review

Chapters in Book

Russo B., (2016) The need for data analysis patterns (in software engineering) in Tim Menzies, Laurie Williams, Thomas Zimmermann (eds) Perspectives on Data Science for Software Engineering, 1st Edition, Morgan Kaufmann

Russo B., Succi G., (2009) A Cost Model of Open Source Adoption to Support Transformational Government, in Weerakkody V. and Janssen M. (Eds.) Handbook of Research on ICT-enabled Transformational Government: A Global Perspective, IGI Global, pp. 396-418

Rossi B., Russo B., Succi G., (2007) Evaluation of a migration to Open Source Software, in Handbook of Research on Open Source Software: Technological, Economic and Social Perspectives, chap. 98, IGI Global pp. 1657-1674

Articles in Journals

Russo, B., Valle, L., Tosi, D., Locatello, D., Bonzagni, G., Pancaldi, M. (2018) Cloud Computing and the new EU General Data Protection Regulation IEEE Cloud Computing, Vol. 5, Issue 6, pg. 58-68,  file.pdf

Scalabrino, S., Bavota, G., Russo, B.,Oliveto, R., Di Penta, M. (2017) Listening to the Crowd for the Release Planning of Mobile Apps (2017), in Transaction of Software Engineering file.pdf

Astromskis, S. , Bavota, G. , Janes, A., Russo, B., Di Penta, M. (2017) Patterns of developers behaviour: A 1000-hour industrial study: Journal of Systems and Software 132: 85-97 file.pdf

Candela, I., Bavota, G., Russo, B., Oliveto, R. (2016) Using Cohesion and Coupling for Software Remodularization: Is It Enough?: ACM Trans. Softw. Eng. Methodol. 25(3): 24

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Articles in Conference Proceedings

Mairegger, M., Janes, A., Russo B., (2018) code_call_lens: Raising the Developer Awareness of Critical Code,  International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2018), Montpellier, France, September 3-7, 2018 Article.pdf

Avritzer, A., Ferme, V., Janes, A., Russo, B., Schulz, H., van Hoorn, A., (2018) Quantitative Approach for the Assessment of Microservice Architecture Deployment Alternatives by Automated Performance Testing, European Conference on Software Architecture, September 24-28, 2018, Article.pdf

Russo B. (2018) Profiling call changes via motif mining, Mining Software Repositories, MSR ’18, May 28–29, 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden Article.pdf

Falessi, D., Russo, B., Mullen, K. (2017) What if I had no smells?  11th International Symposium on Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM2017), November 9-10 2017, Toronto, CA

Gadler, D., Mairegger, M., Janes, A., Russo, B. (2017) Mining Logs to Model the Use of a System" 11th International Symposium on Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM2017), November 9-10 2017, Toronto, CA: 

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