Information Integration

The slides of the course are in PDF and cover the following topics:

  1. Basics of Relational Database Theory  (Slides)
  2. Information Integration Models  (Slides)

These are exercises that we have discussed in the lab sessions.
  1. Relational Queries

  2. Properties of Conjunctive Queries

Here are the questions for the coursework
  1. Satisfiability, Safety, and Positive Queries (Assignment)

  2. Conjunctive Queries (Assignment)

  3. Containment of Conjunctive Queries (Assignment)

  4. Tables (Assignment)

  5. Query Plans and Rewritings (Assignment)

At the revision lecture, we discussed the following
The has been marked.

There is no complete textbook on Information Integration so far.
Fortunately, Michael Genesereth of Stanford University has written a book
Data Integration - The Relational Logic Approach ,
of which an online version can be accessed.

Background information on the theory of relational databases can be found in the book:
Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull, Victor Vianu. Foundations of Databases. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1995.
The book is available for download at the Technical University of Vienna:
Frontmatter Toc A B C D E F Bibliography Index (username "stud", password "tu")

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