Foundations of Databases

On this page I will publish slides, exercises and other material for the course.

  1. Databases and Queries  (Slides)
  2. Relational Algebra  (Slides)
  3. First-order Query Languages  (Slides)
  4. Conjunctive Queries  (Slides)
  5. Datalog  (Slides)
  6. Datalog with Negation  (Slides)

These are exercises that we have discussed in the lab sessions.
  1. Queries in Calculus, Algebra, and SQL

    To run the SQL queries you wrote, download this main memory dbms, which already contains data for the movie database.

  2. Satisfiability of Comparisons

  3. Datalog (DLV Lab)

  4. Execution Plans in PostgreSQL

    We created a company db and a graph db, and checked execution plans for company queries and graph queries.

Here are the questions for the coursework:
  1. Satisfiability, Safety, and Containment (Assignment)
  2. Positive and Conjunctive Queries (Assignment)
  3. Evaluation and Containment of Conjunctive Queries (Assignment)
  4. Containment and Minimization of Conjunctive Queries and Their Unions (Assignment)
  5. Datalog (Assignment)

To prepare for the exam, please, do this

The textbook with background material for the course is
Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull, Victor Vianu. Foundations of Databases.
The book is available for download at the Technical University of Vienna: Frontmatter Toc A B C D E F Bibliography Index (username "stud", password "tu")

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