Data Structures and Algorithms 2015/16: Lectures

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The links are organized according to the topics of the lectures

  1. Organisation, Algorithms, Recursion, Sorting  (Slides Sections 1-3, Section 4)

  2. Complexity and Correctness of Algorithms  (Slides)

  3. Divide and Conquer, Recurrences  (Slides, lecture notes on Divide and Conquer Principles and the Master Theorem)

  4. Heapsort, Quicksort  (Slides, lecture notes on Heapsort)

  5. Dynamic Data Structures, Abstract Data Types  (Slides)

  6. Binary Search Trees, Red-Black Trees  (Slides) lecture notes on Binary Search Trees and Red-black Trees)

  7. Graphs: Principles and Graph Traversal  (Slides, lecture notes on Graphs: Breadth First, Depth First, Topological Sorting)
  8. Dijksta's Shortest Path Algorithm  (Slides, lecture notes on Shortest Paths)

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