We offer a huge variety of BSc and MSc theses on theory, practice, and the connection between theory and practice for the intelligent management of data and processes, and more in general related to my research.

The theses may be focused on one or more phases of the lifecycle of complex enterprises and organizations: modeling, verification, planning, synthesis, configuration, execution, monitoring, auditing, mining, discovering, conformance checking, a-posteriori analysis.
To attack these interesting and challenging problems, we propose to study and develop a synergic mix of techniques coming from artificial intelligence and knowledge representation, computational logics, conceptual modeling, database theory, formal methods, business process management, and multiagent systems.

We encourage both theses focused on the theoretical foundations of these problems, as well as applied theses tailored to the development and experimental evaluation of proof-of-concept, concrete software prototypes.

We have the priviledge of actively working with some of the most important worldwide experts on these topics.

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