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The KRiPad

Suggestions and discussions on how to better exploit an iPad (or iPhone) in the academic world.




Reading & PDF Annotation

  • PDF Expert 5 and its companion Documents (use it as the main document reader/editor; syncs with cloud services and svn; annotating PDF in a sophisticated and elegant way)
  • LiquidText Annotate & Excerpt PDF documents in a flexible way
  • Pocket (Read It Later) (to accumulate readings while offline or commuting or…; iPad/iPhone/Mac in sync)
  • Newsify (the best RSS Reader Client; iPad/iPhone/Mac in sync)
  • Google Chrome browser (alternative browser to access sites in desktop format; iPad/iPhone/Mac in sync)
  • Pressreader (read newspapers and magazines using the UniBZ Library subscription)
  • ACM CACM (the ACM CACM magazine online)


  • GoodNotes - Write notes (the most sophisticated note taking app, using stylus, drawings, text, photos, annotating pdf/images, etc; syncs with cloud services)
  • Apple Notes (take quickly text notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders; iPad/iPhone/Mac in sync)
  • 2Do (GTD-style simple, effective and elegant management of to-do lists; iPad/iPhone/Mac in sync)
  • MindNode (mindmapping app, simple, effective and elegant to structure notes; iPad/iPhone/Mac in sync)
  • PlanBe best calendar app for iPad & iPhone

File Manager


  • Pages, Keynote, Numbers from Apple (the office apps from Apple; iPad/iPhone/Mac in sync)
  • Microsoft Word and companion MS Office apps
  • GoCoEdit (best text editor with syntax coloring, LaTeX, etc; syncs with cloud services and svn)


  • Texpad (LaTeX: edit and compile locally or remotely, with package manager, built-in editor and preview)
  • PocketBib (powerful BibTeX manager, compatible for BibDesk Mac and JabRef)
  • MyScript MathPad (handwrite a formula and get the LaTeX)
  • DeTeXify (draw a symbol on the iPad and get all the LaTeX symbols close to it)

Reference Managers

  • Zotero with its iPad client PaperShip (search/read/annotate and share with colleagues research literature database; iPad/Mac in sync)



  • RealtimeBoard - Online Whiteboard & Online Collaboration Tool, bookmark the URL on the iPad Home
  • ConceptBoard - Online Whiteboard & Online Collaboration Tool, bookmark the URL on the iPad Home
  • Air Sketch (turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard and PDF annotator: anybody with a browser in the local network can follow the presentation)
  • Doceri Remote (turn your iPad into a controller of your mac/windows desktop - connected to a projector - superimposing a whiteboard with a pointer)
  • Presentation Clock (when you are the session chair…)
  • eBanner Pro (scrolling banner application; it displays your messages like LED dot matrix board - for iPad and iPhone)
  • AirServer (An AirPlay receiver for Mac and Windows: can stream content or mirror the display from an iPad/iPhone/Mac)
  • Astropad turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac


  • TeacherKit - helps you organize classes and students easily. Create a seating chart, record attendance, log behavior, and track grades


  • Graphic (the most feature-packed vector drawing app; also with a Mac app)
  • Grafio (graph drawing app)



Currently evaluating

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