PRISM: Process-aware Information Systems Management


We investigate foundational, methodological, and experimental aspects of process-aware information systems, with emphasis on the integration of business process and data management. We combine diverse areas in computer science (from artificial intelligence, computational logics and formal methods to data science and semantic technologies) to provide IT support to business and technical experts along the entire process lifecycle, and to enrich data with dynamics. Our ultimate goal is to develop intelligent technologies supporting the flexible, adaptive, antifragile management of organizations and their processes.  


  • business process management
  • master data management
  • integrated models of data and processes
  • temporal data models
  • conceptual modeling of organizations
  • artificial intelligence
  • formal methods
  • multiagent systems
  • process mining
  • flexible, adaptive, antifragile process-aware information systems

Scientific Partners

Current and Past Projects

  • KAOS – Knowledge-Aware Operational Support (EGTC – European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino)
  • COCkPiT – Collaborative Construction Process Management (European Regional Development Fund)
  • OnProm – Ontology-Driven Process Mining (CRC UNIBZ),
  • VeriCliG – Automated Extraction and Verification of Clinical Guidelines (Fondazione UNIBZ)
  • MAGIC – MAnaGing Completeness of Data (Province of Bozen-Bolzano)
  • VeriSyncopated – Verification and Synthesis from Components of Processes that Manipulate Data (Incoming research bursary – Province of Bozen-Bolzano)
  • KENDO – Knowledge-driven Enterprise Distributed cOmputing (CRC UNIBZ)
  • MoMaPC – Modeling and Managing Processes in Construction (CRC UNIBZ)
  • PARCIS – Process-aware Reliability Checking for Information Systems (CRC UNIBZ)
  • ReQuoTo (CRC UNIBZ)