Computer Vision and Image Processing Group


This group will address topics related to image processing and computer vision, and will mainly focus on problems related to new formats of image/video such as Light Field images; Depth-map based images, and 360 panorama videos. Furthermore, the group aims to work on Depth-map estimation and applications. This group will investigate the use of state-of-the-art Deep Learning approaches in the abovementioned fields, and for other practical applications.


Human brain consumes, roughly, 20% of human-intake of energy, and a considerable amount of this energy goes for vision tasks, thus, it is reasonable to expect an expansion of computer vision applications, including image/video understanding/sharing and exploitation. This explains why Cisco forecasts a huge increase in video content in the coming years: “It would take an individual more than 5,000,000 years to watch the amount of video that will cross-global IP Networks each month in 2020”. Needless to say that the activities of this research group will benefit and compliment the activities of other groups in the University.

Lead by

Tammam Tillo