DIS offers courses on exciting topics within the area of data-intensive systems. The courses are project-based, include experimental work and emphasize entrepreneurial values. This prepares students to become highly valued and successful employees.

Presentation of DIS at the PitStop event (27.02.2008)

BSc: At the BSc we teach Data Management Systems and Data Structures and Algorithms. Optional courses at the BSc that we teach are Advanced Topics in Information Systems, Distributed Databases, and Mobile Services.

MSc: In the context of the MSc program DIS offers courses on Advanced Topics in Databases, Advanced Topics in Information Systems, Approximation: Theory and Algorithms, Data Warehousing andMining, Distributed Databases, Mobile Services, Seminar in Databases, Temporal and Spatial Databases.

PhD: DIS educates a significant number of PhD students The training features close collaboration with senior staff, courses given by both national and international researchers, and collaboration with international research organizations.