The following courses are currently being covered by members of the DIS group.

Winter Semester

  • ATDB: Advanced Topics in Databases, I. Timko
    This course will focus on topics related to moving object databases. In particular, the students will acquire practical, hands-on experience with a database management system SECONDO that supports moving objects.
  • ATIS: Advanced Topics in Information Systems, F. Ricci
    This course discusses recommender systems for eCommerce web sites. It provides a rich catalogue of tools that can be exploited in the design and implementation of a personalized eCommerce application.
  • DWDM: Data Warehouses and Data Mining, A. Mazeika and M. Böhlen
    The aim of the course is to enable students to understand and implement classical algorithms in data mining and data warehousing.
  • SDB: Seminar in Databases, J. Gamper
    The overall objective of this seminar is to study and discuss research papers describing advanced database technologies. This year we will concentrate on recent research work in the areas of temporal aggregation and temporal XML.

Summer Semester

  • ATA: Approximation: Theory and Algorithms, N. Augsten
    This course will discuss approximate matching techniques for flat strings and hierarchical data. Selected methods will be presented, their effectiveness and efficiency will be discussed. Filtering techniques to improve the efficiency will be introduced. The students will implement approximate matching techniques in a relational database management system.
  • DDB: Distributed Databases, J. Gamper
    The course aims to familiarize students with the basic concepts and algorithms of distributed databases, including architecture of distributed DBMS, distributed database design, distributed query processing, etc.
  • DMS: Database Management Systems, J. Gamper
    The course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of database technology. Advanced concepts and techniques of database management systems are presented, including data storage, indexing, querying, and transaction management.
  • DSA: Data Structures and Algorithms, BSc 2nd semester, M. Böhlen
    The course provides an in-depth understanding of techniques to solve algorithmic problems. The techniques are fundamental building blocks that re-occur in many areas of computer science. You learn how to design algorithms and how to be precise and rigorous when analyzing algorithms.
  • MS: Mobile Services, F. Ricci
    The course investigates mobile applications exploiting various mobile communication technologies. It provides practical knowledge required for designing and building successful mobile applications in the Java 2 Micro Edition platform. The course also illustrates some advanced characteristics of mobile applications, such as location-based adaptation, personalization, and ubiquitous computing.
  • TSDB: Temporal and Spatial Databases, J. Gamper
    The course will introduce fundamental concepts of temporal and spatial databases, including data models, query languages, algebras, and algorithms for selected operators.