Internships and Theses

This web page gives an overview of project proposals for BSc internships, BSc theses, and MSc theses in the DIS group. The DIS group puts a strong emphasis on the applications of the database theory. All our projects are very application oriented and must verify the investigated methods on synthetic and/or real world data. We also encourage the students to formalize their experimental findings and provide analytical results. Some of the thesis projects give you also the possibility to be involved in a larger research collaborations with external partners, e.g., with the Municipality of Bozen-Bolzano or the Hospital of Meran-Merano.

Most of the project proposals listed below are broad and flexible enough to allow for a BSc internship, a BSc thesis, or a MSc thesis. It depends mainly on the amount of work, the applied methods and techniques, and the depth of investigation for which of the three options a project qualifies. For more details on that, please visit the detailed project description or contact the supervisor.

Supervisors: N. Augsten, J. Gamper, S. Helmer, F. Ricci, F. Zini

Current Thesis/Internship Proposals

  • Sequenced Spatio-Temporal Aggregation: MIN/MAX aggregation and approximate solutions (J. Gamper). Design and implement efficient data structures and algorithms for sequenced spatio-temporal aggregation.¬† In particular, the work is focusing on approximate solutions and the MIN/MAX aggregate functions.
  • Evaluating Trip@dvice ranking (F. Ricci). Correlate various measures that characterize the case base (number of cases, size of cases, quality, etc.) with the quality of the travel recommendations proposed by the system.
  • Computing Isochrones in Multi-modal, Schedule-based Transport Networks (J. Gamper). Improve Dijkstra-like algorithms for the calculation of isochrones. Development, implementation, and evaluation of algorithm on transport network of Bozen-Bolzano. Collaboration with Municipality of Bozen-Bolzano.
  • Multi-Dimensional Coalescing(J. Gamper) Define multi-dimensional coalesing and develop efficient database algorithms that are based on standard database techniques (sorting, B-trees, hashing, table scan).
  • Efficient Implementation of Temporal Aggregation (J. Gamper). The TMDA operator generalizes previously proposed temporal aggregation operators. Advance the evaluation algorithm for TMDA with late initialization of group table, pushing the group table into the DB, and assuming almost sorted input tuples.
  • Internship at (F. Ricci). Realizzazione componente per un portale web in tecnologia Flash per la visualizzazione Informazioni Meteo su mappa grafica. Realizzazione funzionalit√† di ricerca strutturata con interattivit√† WEB 2.0 (basati su Ajax e Java script).

For more information, please contact the responsible supervisor.