BSc: DB Stream

DB Stream in the BSc in Applied Computer Science

The BSc in Computer Science offers a stream in databases, that is the student can specialize in database systems by taking up to four stream courses from a catalogue of courses in databases and related fields.

Databases is one of the core areas of computer science. The following aspects sketch some interesting aspects about the field of databases:

  • Data is everywhere. We communicate, use, and store data every day: we notify our colleagues that we will be late to meet them in the evening with a help of an sms; we read newspapers over the Internet; temperature and weather stations all over city inform us around the clock; the data is automatically generated when we pay with our credit card; etc.
  • Databases provide efficient methods. It is hard to point to a serious real-world application that does not include a database to store, maintain, query, or visualize data. The development of expressive and efficient database systems is therefore of utmost importance to deal deal with the ever growing amount of data. The theoretical complexity class of a problem is important. However, in many cases it turns out that even a polynomial complexity is not good enough.
  • Databases store real-world data. We are interested in results that solve actual real world problems. Towards this goal it is essential to evaluate the proposed methods in practice. In many practical cases more naive methods easily outperform theoretically better algorithms. Database methods have a strong formal background. Extensive empirical studies are used to identify the conditions under which one method outperforms other methods. Analytical investigations are needed to show that a method is correct.

Who should be interested? We encourage students who want to implement and evaluate algorithms to choose the database master stream. Having a good theoretical background is an asset. Students who are interested in analytical investigations and would like to work with the real word data or local companies have good opportunities to so in the database stream courses.

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