About DIS

Database and Information Systems

The needs of mission critical applications dealing with large amounts of real-world data, such as intelligent transportation systems or eHealth and eGovernment systems, are driving the continuous development of database and information system technologies. The Web and most recently Web 2.0, which emphasizes online collaboration and information sharing among users, has led to an explosion of the amount of data available for the development of new information services.

In the Center for Database and Information Systems (DIS), we progress and extend today’s data management technologies to support the extraction and exploitation of information from real-world data. Our methods include fundamental research, system development, and empirical evaluation.

The research problems investigated in the DIS Center originate from real-world applications, such as in eGovernment and eTourism, and are validated on data from such application domains.

DIS Center focuses its research activities on three areas: Core Database Technologies, Temporal Database Systems and Intelligent Information Systems.

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