Internet Technologies
Lecturer: Francesco Ricci

Academic year 2010-2011 - 2nd Semester


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Start date:  February 24th Lectures and Labs
Lectures:  Thursday 10:30-12:30 Room C4.01
Labs:  Thursday 15:00-16:00 Room E531 Dario Cavada, and Room E431 Mehdi Elahi
Hours of availability for students and tutoring: Thursday 16:00 - 18:00

Objectives: Internet and World Wide Web have modified in a radical way how individuals and organizations interacts, for business, learning or leisure purposes. With Internet millions of people around the world have access to an extraordinary amount of information, they can search it, exchange email, make phone calls, buy and sell goods and services, build and operate virtual enterprises. All of this is changing and will keep changing the world we live.
The goal of this course is to provide an introduction both methodological and practical to the most basic internet languages, architectures and applications, but also to illustrate some of the most challenging and innovative techniques on the fore. The goal is to provide a self contained introduction but also to motivate further study and provide prerequisite material for more focused and advance course on internet and www.




1) Introduction to Internet and WWW: Feb 24

2) WWW and HTML: March 3
3) Networking: March 10th

4) Http: March 24th

5) Dynamic Web: March 31st

6) Servlets: April 7th

7) Servlets 2: April 14th

8) Java Server Pages: April 21st

9) Servlets 3: April 28th

10) Servlets and JSP together: May 4th

11) XML:

12) Final wrap up and Web 2.0:


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