Distributed Systems Lab: Networking

1. Network Interfaces

Use the
command to find out which are the network interfaces of your machine.

Choose another machine on your LAN and find out which are the network interfaces of that machine.
What are the MAC addresses of those machines? What the IP addresses? To which network do they belong?

2. ARP Cache

Use the
command to find out which addresses are in the ARP cache of your machine.

Send a broadcast ping across the LANs to which your machine is connected. Did the content of the cache change?

3. Routing Tables

Use the
command to display the routing table of your machine.
If this is not installed on your machine, use the
   netstat -r

4. TCP Connections

Use the
command to check out the network activities of our machine at the transport level.
Find out how to call netstat so that you can continuously see the current TCP connections.

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