Data Structures and Algorithms 2015/16: Assignments

When preparing your submissions, please follow the

and the guidelines for written by Ognjen Savkovic.

These are the weekly assignments for the course.

  1. Array Utility Class  (Assignment)
  2. Recursion and Algorithms for Arrays  (Assignment, project

  3. Asymptotic Complexity and Substring Matching  (Assignment, Toolbox for Asymptotic Analysis, project )
  4. Loop Invariants and Performance of Sorting Algorithms  (Assignment, project
  5. Mysteries and other Array Algorithm  (Assignment, project
  6. Sorting and Heaps  (Assignment, project

  7. List Operations and Sorting with Lists  (Assignment, project

  8. Operations on Trees and Priority Queues  (Assignment, project

  9. Graphs  (Assignment, project

    To get some idea for reading the graph specification from file, have a look at the Java class
    The deadline for this coursework has been extended to Monday, 13 June.

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