Computational Logic

The slides of the 2nd part of the course are in PDF and cover the following topics:

  1. Relational Query Languages  (Slides, Handouts)
  2. Relational Query Languages with Negation  (Slides, Handouts)
  3. Query Optimization  (Slides, Handouts)
  4. Datalog  (Slides, Handouts)
  5. Datalog Evaluation  (Slides, Handouts)
  6. Datalog with Negation  (Slides, Handouts)

These are exercises that we have discussed in the lab sessions.
  1. Queries in Predicate Logic and in SQL

  2. Finite Satisfiability

  3. Properties of Relational Queries

These are exercises that students do as coursework.
  1. Formalising Databases and Queries (Assignment)

  2. Conjunctive Queries (Assignment)

  3. Satisfiability and Containment (Assignment)

  4. Containment and Minimization of Conjunctive Queries (Assignment)

  5. Datalog (Assignment)

At the revision lecture, we discussed the following The has been marked.

The course is based on the book: Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull, Victor Vianu. Foundations of Databases. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1995.
The book is available for download at the Technical University of Vienna: Frontmatter Toc A B C D E F Bibliography Index (username "stud", password "tu")

In addition to the book, several research papers contain material that is complementary to the content of the course.

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