Deadline for delivering the project reports (2nd session): 18/09/2016.

The solution of the July 2016 exam is ONLINE.

Example of a (very good) project (thanks to David Massimo!)

Deadline for delivering the project reports (1st session): 08/07/2016

Course Info

Marco Montali. Please send me an e-mail if you want an appointment.

Course Description
The main goal of the course is to study and put into practice languages, methodologies, and techniques for the conceptual modeling of data and processes, towards the realization of correct, effective information systems.
The first part of the course focuses on the modeling of data, with emphasis on fact- and object-oriented approaches to elicit relevant entities, relations, and static constraints among them.
The second part of the course targets process modeling, tackling the (business) processes that regulate the way companies organize the work to achieve their strategic goals.

Fundamentals of databases and the relational model. Basics of first-order logic, software engineering and the object-oriented paradigm. Knowledge of JAVA.

The exam has two parts:
  • Written exam (0-25 points), covering all the topics of the courses. During the exam, it will NOT be possible to consult any kind of material, nor to use pocket calculators or palm PCs.
  • Course project (0-7 points), with a written report.