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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
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Projects for Internships and BSc/MSc Theses

This page describes projects for BSc/MSc internships and theses in the area of DB, in particular temporal and spatio-temporal databases. A project typically consists in the development, implementation, and evaluation of algorithmic solutions. If you are interested in one of the following projects or need more information, please contact me ( or Anton Dignös (

Projects in the area of temporal databases

Temporal data is ubiquitous, and we can observe an increasing interest in temporal data in recent years, e.g., web data analytics and streaming data. In contrast, the support for processing such data in DBMSs is limited. The SQL standard and most DBMSs offer support to store temporal data, but the support for query processing is very limited.

  • Efficient approximate temporal aggregation: Aggregation is an important but time-consuming operation in temporal databases. Rather than computing an exact solution, this project aims at developing an algorithm to compute an approximate solution for temporal aggregation, which can be efficiently implemented in relational databases and scales for large amounts of data.

  • Implementation of temporal operatos with UDFs: While the storage of temporal data is supported by most database management systems, the support for querying such data is still very limited. This project aims at implementing temporal query support by means of so-called user-defined functions.

  • Supporting the processing of time series data in relational databases: Time series (TS) data is an important category of data in many application areas, e.g., sensor applications, IoT. To process such data, ad hoc time series data management systems have been developed. This project aims at developing a solution to process TS data in relational database systems.

Projects in collaboration with external institutions or companies

  • Missing citation detection in bibliographic database Scopus. BSc/MSc Project, FUB Library, contacts: Dr. Karin Karlics,
    The aim of this project is the development of a program that (semi-)automatically identifies missing references in the Scopus database. The program gets as input a scientific article (or a set of articles) and has to retrieve other articles in Scopus citing it, but the citations are not recorded in the database. [more]

  • Organization and configuration of a raster database for operational integrated environmental monitoring. MSc Project, EURAC research, contacts: Dr. Roberto Monsorno, +39 0471 055932,
    In the light of an ever-rising amount of data from an increasing number of earth observation satellites, we are in need of an efficient data organization for our research and operational products at EURAC. We are producing different products and maps for the alpine area like biophysical parameters or snow maps. [more]

  • Automatic pattern recognition and data integration model for UAV imagery. MSc Project, EURAC research, contacts: Dr. Roberto Monsorno, +39 0471 055932,
    Are you interested in the use and application of new technologies based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV/drones)? Do you possess strong programming skills such as writing of algorithms? Do you want to develop feature recognition software finding out patterns in hundreds of images in order to create spatial maps in high-resolution? The Institute of Applied Remote Sensing at EURAC research is looking for a student who wants to write his/her master thesis in the field of software computer vision and pattern recognition. [more]

  • Aggregating Millions of Data per Second in Real-time. MSc project, Würth Phönix,, contacts: Georg Kostner (, Lina Lubyte (
    The aim of this MSc thesis project is to develop an efficient data analysis platform based on Naiad, which is a a distributed system for executing data parallel, cyclic dataflow programs. It offers the high throughput of batch processors, the low latency of stream processors, and the ability to perform iterative and incremental computations. [more]

  • Query and visualize GIS data. MSc project, Hydro Safety GmbH,
    The aim of the thesis is the implementation of a utility tool to query and visualize specific GIS data inside a report. The GIS data represent survey data collected during the inspection of galleries in hydro-powerplant infrastructures. [more]