Enhanced Carbon Emacs (ECE) plugin

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Version: 1.1, released 18 April 2007

Enhanced Carbon Emacs is now a universal enhancement plugin for arbitrary (unix, carbon, or aqua) emacs distributions (such as Yaced, Aquamacs, CarbonEmacs Tiger, or the native darwin emacs in /usr/bin/emacs). This includes a fully customisable LaTeX editing environment based on AucTeX, RefTeX, Preview and other packages. Basically, ECE is a convenient way to properly install a large number of pre-configured useful packages for LaTeX users, which includes a hack of AUCTeX, that allows to have a more intuitive handling of the "view" command in a macintosh context (in particular, for non-pdftex users willing to preview in pdf), and to use dvipdfmx and simpdftex in a seamless way. From emacs, you can launch directly any latex process or any mac application on files or regions you are working on.

The installer installs the ECE plugin in /Library/Application Support/emacs/

If you are not using aquamacs, then you should add in your .emacs

;; Load Enhanced Carbon Emacs plugin
(unless   (or (boundp 'enhanced-carbon-emacs) (boundp 'aquamacs-version))
  (defun load-local-site-start (site-lisp-directory)
  "Load site-start.el from a given site-lisp directory"
   (let ((current-default-directory default-directory))
    (setq default-directory site-lisp-directory)
    (setq default-directory current-default-directory)
    (setq load-path (cons site-lisp-directory load-path))
    (load (concat site-lisp-directory "/site-start.el"))
  (load-local-site-start "/Library/Application Support/emacs/ec-emacs/site-lisp"))


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