A Tool for Intelligent Conceptual Modelling



A Linux, MacOSX, or Windows machine is required, with Java 5.0 compatible virtual machine previusly installed . ICOM comes as a standalone folder, to be copied anywhere in the hard disk. A Description Logic resoning server supporting the DIG protocol needs to be installed as well, in order to be able to make deductions. After the installation, you will find an executable file ''icom'' in the top level directory; execute it (either the .app or .exe or .sh extension, depending on your platform), and the system will be launched. The ''icom'' file does not start the reasoning component. The reasoner server must be independently launched before or after launching ICOM. This is a step list for installing and running ICOM:
  • if you don't already have it, install a Java 5.0 (or greater) compatible virtual machine (for example a Java SE JRE at http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/)
  • install a Description Logic server accepting DIG connections (for example RacerPro at http://www.racer-systems.com/)
  • download the ICOM distribution from the ICOM home page
  • unzip the file icom-distribution.zip into a new directory in the system
  • execute the Description Logic reasoning server
  • execute ICOM, by running the appropriate file on Linux, MacOSX, or Windows

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