Point and drag

The left mouse button is used for most interactions. In the neutral state, all items in an ICOM schema are selectable. Yellow color is used to show the selected items. For example, concept Class2 from schema UntitledSchema2 is selected in figure 6. The properties panel is automatically updated so as to show and edit the information about the selected item. This item can be moved, dragged, and placed anywhere within the schema window. Clicking on the Image pointer will switch ICOM from any editing state into the neutral state.

Double clicking on items with name (like classes and associations) will open a type-in box that allows renaming the item. Pressing the return key will confirm the new name, while clicking outside this textfield keeps the current name without any change. Please use only ALPHA-NUMERICS characters in all names. This includes project and schema names, as well as all classes, associations, roles and field names. The schemas are saved with all cases preserved in names, but ICOM is case insensitive.

The right mouse button is used to pop up the contextual menu associated with the pointed item.

Pablo Fillottrani 2010-08-17