Complex schemas with several classes and associations can be zoomed out in order to improve presentation. By dragging to the left while the shift key is pressed, the representation of the schema panel is zoomed out (see figure 13). On the contrary, dragging to the right while pressing the shift key will cause the schema panel to zoom in.

Figure 13: A zoomed out schema panel.
Image Zooming

Figure 14: ICOM View menu.
Image ViewMenu

ICOM also provides several functions that help in obtaining a better visual representation of the current schema. These functions are available in the View menu, seen in figure 14. These function can be classified into two groups: layout functions and visual filters.

Layout functions automatically rearrange the position of the items in the schema, possible changing also the zooming state of the window. There are four possible layout functions:

Visual filters allows you to show/hide some details from the schema representation. When they are activated, the information is not shown in the panel. This is represented as a checked menu item. When the filters are out, the information is shown in the panel, and the menu items are unchecked. There are three visual filters:

Axiom filter apply not only to existing axioms, but also to deduced ones.

Pablo Fillottrani 2010-08-17