An association can be created by selecting the associated menu items. There are two ways of creating associations. The Insert menu item and the schema context menu allows the user to create a new 0-ary association. An association thus created will not be related to previous elements in the schema. In the class and the association context menu we have the option to create a new binary association. Upon selecting this item ICOM will prompt for another class, which will be related to the new association together with the currently selected class or association. This allows binary associations to be created. N-ary relations can be created in conjunction with the use of the enroll menu items also available in the concept and association context menu. In this case, ICOM will prompt in blu existing associations in order to select one.

Similar to classes, associations of the same name in different schemas are considered different. Also, when an association is selected, the Data tab in the properties panel allows the user to change its name, and to create/delete attributes in it. The Definition tab is activated in the properties panel to introduce a DLR expression that constraints this association.

Pablo Fillottrani 2010-08-17