A Tool for Intelligent Conceptual Modelling

ICOM (version 3) is an advanced conceptual modelling tool, which allows the user to design multiple extended ontologies. Each project can be organised into several ontolo- gies, with the possibility to include inter- and intra-ontology constraints. Complete logical reasoning is employed by the tool to verify the specification, infer implicit facts, devise stricter constraints, and manifest any inconsistency. ICOM is fully integrated with a very powerful description logic reasoning server which acts as a background inference engine.


The intention behind ICOM is to provide a simple conceptual modelling tool that demonstrates the use of, and stimulates interest in, the novel and powerful knowledge representation based technologies for database and ontology design.
ICOM is meant to be a proof of concept, willing to showcase two main points:

  • the effectiveness of using a class diagram graphical syntax for expressing ontologies, even with complex languages (indeed ICOM can express the full ALCQI description logic in an intuitive manner);
  • the emphasis to general entailment, as opposed to just subsumption (classification) and consistency.
  •          ICOM screenshot


    August 2010: ICOM 3 beta is publicly available.
    July 2010: The previous version of ICOM (2.0) has been installed at 3,000+ sites since 2001.

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