Ontology and Database Systems Labs 2013/2014

Lab 7. Learning to use Quest from Eclipse.

  1. Install Eclipse, then on Eclipse Marketplace install plugin Maven Integration for Eclipse (Juno).
  2. Create a new Maven Project via File -> New -> Other -> Maven -> Maven Project, for instance
  3. Download the archive. Replace the created default pom.xml file with the downloaded file. Copy directory example to src/main/resources. Copy QuestOWLExample.java to src/main/java, and fix the compilation error as Eclipse suggests: move QuestOWLExample.java to package org.semanticweb.ontop.examples. The structure of you project should be as follows:
  4. You can now run QuestOWLExample.java as a Java application. You will get the answers to sparqlQuery defined in the code. Also, you will get the SQL unfolding of that SPARQL query.
This simple example shows you how to use the ontop API. If you are going to develop a Java application for your project, you should probably start from this example.