Claus Pahl

Full Professor of Software Engineering
Faculty of Computer Science
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.

 Tel:     +39 0471 016 177
 Fax:    +39 0471 016 009

 EMail: Claus.Pahl-at-unibz-dot-it


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RDSS Requirements and Design of Software Systems ]

SE Software Engineering ]

Research Areas:

Software Architecture, with Applications to:

Cloud Computing:
  • Cloud Migration and Adaptation: migration processes and patterns; on-premise to cloud migration; refactoring and re-engineering for migration; evaluation of migration solutions.
  • Cloud Brokerage and Interoperability : cloud broker architectures; interoperability solutions for federated clouds; request descriptions and their resolution.
Automation and Adaptive Systems:
  • Adaptivity in Cloud Computing: data integration for on-demand architectures; ontology-based service mediation for on-demand service systems; multi-tenancy SOA and policy-based governance.
  • Scalable Cloud Computing Platforms: infrastructure scalability (VM, storage, network); pattern-based quality prediction; SLA management architectures.
  • Dynamic Cloud Models - Quality and Monitoring: dynamic architectural Configuration, service models at runtime; logic and ontology for runtime SOA modelling and composition; constraints monitoring; multi-tenancy SOA and SOA governance.
IoT and Edge Computing:
  • Fog and Edge Cloud Architectures: edge cloud architectures; single-board computing infrastructures; Raspberry Pi; cluster management; self-management.
  • Container Architectures and Microservices for the IoT Edge : container technology; Docker; container platforms and clusters; performance management; orchestration.



Possible BSc and MSc Projects:

  • Docker on Raspberry Pi: aim of the project is to allow container virtualisation to run on smaller devices like Raspberry Pis
  • Cloud Controllers: the aim of the project is to investigate automatic cloud resource optimisation.
  • Cluster Management: the objective is to investigate distribution and workload orchestration strategies for IoT and edge clusters
  • Tools for Software Engineering Education: the objective is the development of tools for the delivery and assessment of software engineering education for non-standard environments

Consultation Hours:

  • after the lecture and lab sessions


Research Group:

Software and Systems Engineering Research Group