Ontology-based Data Integration

Tutorial at the Semantic Days 2009 Conference
Stavanger, Norway, May 18-20, 2009

Diego Calvanese

KRDB Research Centre
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

         Giuseppe De Giacomo

Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica
La Sapienza Università di Roma

Slides of the tutorial


The tutorial explains the benefits of using ontologies expressed in a fragment of OWL and reasoning over such ontologies for data access and integration by, e.g., obtaining uniform access to data distributed over several data base systems using divergent schemata. We will discuss the basic issue underlying ontology-based data access and integration, including how to connect the terms in an OWL ontology to external data sources, e.g., standard relational databases, and how to answer complex queries over these data sources and the ontology in a way that faithfully reflects the OWL axioms in the ontology and the established connections. We will also demonstrate the approach using a Protege plugin, OBDA, for specifying the ontology-to-source mappings, and a specific reasoner, QuOnto, for answering queries by exploiting an underlying relational database engine. A basic understanding of OWL and relational databases is an advantage, but experience in designing or using ontologies is not required.

Presentation style: lectures with slides

Prerequisite knowledge: basic knowledge in first-order logic and relational databases; background in Description Logics is preferable, but not strictly necessary

Tutorial duration: 4 hours

Outline of the tutorial content

  1. Information Integration
  2. Modeling the global view: UML class diagrams as FOL ontologies
  3. Query answering
  4. Description Logics and ontologies
  5. New foundations for query answering in Description Logics
  6. Ontology-based data integration: technical results
  7. Conclusions and References

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