Free University of Bolzano/Bozen
Faculty of Computer Science
Master of Science in Computer Science

Knowledge Representation and Ontologies

Preliminary Program A.Y. 2010/2011

Prof. Diego Calvanese,   Prof. Luciano Serafini

Teaching material.

  1. Modeling information through ontologies [M1: Part 1; M3] (D. Calvanese)
    1. Introduction to ontologies
    2. Ontology languages
    3. UML class diagrams as FOL ontologies
  2. Using logic for knowledge representation [M1: Part 2] (L. Serafini)
    1. Main components of a logic
    2. Reasoning methods in logics
    3. Exercises on analyzing logics
  3. Description Logics [M1: Part 3; M2] (L. Serafini)
    1. Introduction to DLs
    2. Reasoning in simple DLs
    3. More expressive DLs
    4. Fuzzy DLs
    5. Ontology modularization, integration, and contextualization
  4. Ontology based for data access [M1: Part 4; M3] (D. Calvanese)
    1. Description Logics for data access
    2. Query answering over databases and ontologies
    3. Linking ontologies to relational data
    4. Reasoning in the DL-Lite family

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