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Knowledge Representation and Ontologies

A.Y. 2010/2011

Prof. Diego Calvanese,   Prof. Luciano Serafini


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Objectives. The aim of the Knowledge Representation and Ontologies course is to provide students with an understanding of the formal foundations of classical logic-based knowledge representation languages, with an overview of the reasoning methods for them, and of the application of techniques developed in knowledge representation to classical data management problems. Most of the course will focus on description Logics and on ontology languages.

Prerequisites. Notions about first-order logic as taught in an introductory BSc course on Logic; notions about relational databases as taught in an introductory Bsc course.

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Teaching format. The course is organized as frontal lectures on the course topics complemented by monographic seminars that serve as a starting point for discussing the techniques involved. During lab sessions the students will familiarize with the usage and internals of state-of-the-art tools for managing and querying relational data sources through an ontology, and will work on a project.

Projects. The projects are assigned in the second part of the course, after the necessary theoretical notions to work on the project have been presented. Projects may be carried out individually or in small groups of 2 to 3 students. The projects will build on advanced tools for ontology editing and ontology management.

Assessment. The exam consists of:

Both parts have to be passed to pass the exam, but they can be taken independently of each other.
In case of a positive mark, the part that has been passed will count for all 3 regular exam sessions of the Academic Year (i.e., if the student fails or does not take, e.g., the oral exam, he keeps the project and only needs to retake the oral exam).

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