Free University of Bolzano/Bozen
Faculty of Computer Science - Master of Science in Computer Science

Theory of Computing

Preliminary program A.A. 2005/2006

Prof. Diego Calvanese

Teaching material.

[M1] Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation (2nd edition). J.E. Hopcroft, R. Motwani, J.D. Ullman. Addison Wesley, 2003.

[M2] Lecture Notes for Theory of Computing. Diego Calvanese. 2004. Available on the course web page as scanned pages in pdf.

  1. Basic notions [M1: Chapter 1]
  2. Regular languages
  3. Context-free languages
  4. Turing Machines and undecidability
  5. Computational complexity [M1: Chapter 10]

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