• MetaMap-UMLS: The US National Library of Medicine UMLS methathesaurus and semantic network, plus its related resources (SNOMED CT ontology, MetaMap annotator)

  • Stanford NLP Tools: Stanford's NLP group state-of-the art (and under continous development) Java NLP API (POS tagging, dependency and constituency parsing, NER, IE, etc.).

  • cTAKES: The Open Health Natural Language Processing (OHNLP) Consortium's biomedical NLP pipeline, based on the Stanford API.

  • NLTK: CMU's NLP group Python NLP API. It comprises a large repository of (annotated) corpora for training (Brown corpus, Penn treebank corpus, CoNNL 2000 corpus, etc.)

  • WEKA: The University of Waikato machine learning and data mining Java API.
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