The NPD Benchmark for OBDA Systems

Davide Lanti, Martin Rezk, Mindaugas Slusnys, Guohui Xiao, and Diego Calvanese

Proc. of the 10th Int. Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (SSWS 2014). Volume 1261 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2014.

In Ontology-Based Data Access (OBDA), queries are posed over a high-level conceptual view, and then translated into queries over a potentially very large (usually relational) data source. The ontology is connected to the data sources through a declarative specification given in terms of mappings. Although prototype OBDA systems providing the ability to answer SPARQL queries over the ontology are available, a significant challenge remains: performance. To properly evaluate OBDA systems, benchmarks tailored towards the requirements in this setting are needed. OWL benchmarks, which have been developed to test the performance of generic SPARQL query engines, however, fail to evaluate OBDA specific features. In this work, we propose a novel benchmark for OBDA systems based on the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD). Our benchmark comes with novel techniques to generate, from available data, datasets of increasing size, taking into account the requirements dictated by the OBDA setting. We validate our benchmark on significant OBDA systems, showing that it is more adequate than previous benchmarks not tailored for OBDA.

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