Accessing Scientific Data through Knowledge Graphs with Ontop

Diego Calvanese, Davide Lanti, Tarcisio Mendes De Farias, Alessandro Mosca, and Guohui Xiao

Patterns. 2:1--10 2021.

In this tutorial we learn how to set-up and exploit the Virtual Knowledge Graph (VKG) approach to access data stored in relational legacy systems, and to enrich such data with domain knowledge coming from different heterogeneous (biomedical) resources. The VKG approach is based on an ontology that describes a domain of interest in terms of a vocabulary familiar to the user, and exposes a high-level conceptual view of the data. Users can access the data by exploiting the conceptual view, and in this way they do not need to be aware of low-level storage details. They can easily integrate ontologies coming from different sources, and can obtain richer answers thanks to the interaction between data and domain knowledge.

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