View-based Query Answering over Description Logic Ontologies

Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Maurizio Lenzerini, and Riccardo Rosati

Proc. of the 11th Int. Conf. on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 2008). 2008.

View-based query answering is the problem of answering a query based only on the answers precomputed for a set of views. While this problem has been widely investigated in databases, it is largely unexplored in the context of Description Logic ontologies. Differently from traditional databases, Description Logics may express several forms of incomplete information, and this poses challenging problems in characterizing the semantics of views. In this paper, we first present a general framework for view-based query answering, where we address the above semantical problems by defining a spectrum of notions of view-based query answering over ontologies, all based on the idea that the precomputed answers to views are the certain answers to the corresponding queries. We also relate such notions to relevant issues in ontology management, in particular ontology access authorization. Then, we provide both algorithms and complexity results for view-based query answering in several Description Logics, ranging from the DL-Lite family to very expressive Description Logics.

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