Ontology-based Data Access -- Beyond Relational Sources

Elena Botoeva, Diego Calvanese, Benjamin Cogrel, Julien Corman, and Guohui Xiao

Intelligenza Artificiale. 13(1):21--36 2019.

The database (DB) landscape has been significantly diversified during the last decade, resulting in the emergence of a variety of non-relational (also called NoSQL) DBs, e.g., XML and JSON-document DBs, key-value stores, and graph DBs. To enable access to such data, we generalize the well-known ontology-based data access (OBDA) framework so as to allow for querying arbitrary data sources using SPARQL. We propose an architecture for a generalized OBDA system implementing the virtual approach. Then, to investigate feasibility of OBDA over non-relational DBs, we compare an implementation of an OBDA system over MongoDB, a popular JSON-document DB, with a triple store.

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