Updating RDFS ABoxes and TBoxes in SPARQL

Albin Ahmeti, Diego Calvanese, and Axel Polleres

Proc. of the 13th Int. Semantic Web Conf. (ISWC 2014). Volume 8796 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2014.

Updates in RDF stores have recently been standardised in the SPARQL 1.1 Update specification. However, computing answers entailed by ontologies in triple stores is usually treated orthogonally to updates. Even W3C's SPARQL 1.1 Update language and SPARQL 1.1 Entailment Regimes specifications explicitly exclude a standard behaviour for entailment regimes other than simple entailment in the context of updates. In this paper, we take a first step to close this gap. We define a fragment of SPARQL basic graph patterns corresponding to (the RDFS fragment of ) DL-Lite and the corresponding SPARQL update language, dealing with updates both of ABox and of TBox statements. We discuss possible semantics along with potential strategies for implementing them. In particular, we treat both, (i) materialised RDF stores, which store all entailed triples explicitly, and (ii) reduced RDF Stores, that is, redundancy-free RDF stores that do not store any RDF triples (corresponding to DL-Lite ABox statements) entailed by others already. We have implemented all semantics prototypically on top of an off-the-shelf triple store and present some indications on practically feasibility.

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