Survey on Methods for Query Rewriting and Query Answering Using Views

Diego Calvanese, Domenico Lembo, and Maurizio Lenzerini

Technical Report, Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica, Università di Roma "La Sapienza". D2I (Integration, Warehousing, and Mining of Heterogeneous Sources) Project Report D1.R5 2001.

A Data Integration System is constituted by three main components: source schemas, a global schema and a mapping between the two. There exist two main approaches for specifying the mapping: in the local-as-view (LAV) approach the source structures are defined as views over the global schema; on the contrary in the global-as-view (GAV) approach each global concept is defined in terms of a view over the source schemas. The problem of query processing is to find efficient methods for answering queries posed to the global schema on the basis of the data stored at sources. In LAV there exist two approaches to query processing: by query rewriting, in which one tries to compute a rewriting of the query in terms of the views and then evaluates such a rewriting, and query answering, in which one aims at directly answering the query based on the views extensions. In GAV, existing systems deal with query processing by simply unfolding each global concept in the query with its definition in terms of the sources. In this paper, we survey the most important query processing algorithms proposed in the literature for LAV, and we describe the principal GAV data integration systems and the form of query processing they adopt.

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