Augmented Business Process Management Systems: A Research Manifesto

Marlon Dumas, Fabiana Fournier, Lior Limonad, Andrea Marrella, Marco Montali, Jana-Rebecca Rehse, Rafael Accorsi, Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Dirk Fahland, Avigdor Gal, Marcello La Rosa, Hagen Völzer, and Ingo Weber

Technical Report, e-Print archive. CoRR Technical Report arXiv:2201.12855 2021. Available at

Augmented Business Process Management Systems (ABPMSs) are an emerging class of process-aware information systems that draws upon trustworthy AI technology. An ABPMS enhances the execution of business processes with the aim of making these processes more adaptable, proactive, explainable, and context-sensitive. This manifesto presents a vision for ABPMSs and discusses research challenges that need to be surmounted to realize this vision. To this end, we define the concept of ABPMS, we outline the lifecycle of processes within an ABPMS, we discuss core characteristics of an ABPMS, and we derive a set of challenges to realize systems with these characteristics.

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