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In addition to the five partners, the project has an industrial advisory team, whose members will be invited to attend two workshops (cf. WP8) and meetings during the course of the project, the purpose of which will be:
  • to keep the consortium informed about current industrial practice and requirements;
  • to review the progress of the project and to guide the research in directions that will be of maximum relevance to industry;
  • to keep the industrial advisory team informed about ontology-based technologies, and to disseminate results of the research work undertaken in the project;
  • to provide case studies and exploitation pathways for the new technologies developed in the project.

The following companies, are part of the industrial advisory team:

  • Dr. Ron Brachman, Yahoo!, Sunnyvale CA, USA
  • Kendall Clark, Clark & Parsia, Washington, DC, USA
  • Dr. Dennis Curry, EDS Defence Limited, UK
  • Tim Geisler, webXcerpt, Munich, Germany
  • Dr. John Goodwin, Ordnance Survey, Southampton, UK
  • Kay Hidde, Racer-Systems, Hamburg, Germany
  • Dr. Bernard Horan, Sun Microsystems, Camberley, UK
  • Dr. Maurizio Iacovella, Halcom, Rome, Italy
  • Dr. Robin McEntire, GlaxoSmithKline, King of Prussia, PA, USA
  • Dr. Gary Ng, Network Inference, Carlsbad, CA, USA
  • Dr. Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Bell Labs Research, Murray Hill, USA
  • Dr. Giorgio Tomba, Firstel, Milano, Italy
  • Dr. Michael Uschold, Boeing, Seattle, USA
  • Dr. Guido Vetere, IBM Italia, Rome, Italy
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