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 WP9 - Project Management

 Workpackage number
 Start date or starting event
 09/2005 End date 08/2008 
 Activity type
 Management activities
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Description of work
Project management is a permanent activity and starts at the beginning of the project. To ensure the
administrative and the technical coordination of the project, the workpackage contains 2 tasks:
TASK 1: Administrative management
The goal of the task is to ensure control over the project progress by monitoring administrative and contractual
relationships within the project, administrative and contractual interaction with the Commission,
controlling progress of the project with respect to the current workpackage plan, managing financial
issues and coordinating the production of the project reports.
This task includes the organization, planning and control of the project with respect to the following
points: contacts with the Project Officer, with the goal of monitoring and mediating possible modifications
of the work plan; contacts with all external organizations interacting with the project; deployment
of all reports and deliverables; monitoring of the project cash flow, conflict management; constant coordination
with the project technical management.
TASK 2: Technical management
The goal of the task is to control the technical progress of the project, the deployment of the technical
results, and their compliance with the project work plan.
This task comprises all the activities of the Steering Committee, managing the project at the strategic
level, and of the Management Committee, managing the project at the operational level, as well as the
communication with the industrial advisory board. In particular, the task includes the technical coordination
and assistance of the workpackage leaders; initiatives to propose technical solutions and to adjust the
technical orientation whenever necessary; control of technical work carried out in the workpackage tasks;
proposal of technical modifications and reallocation of resources according to the aims of the project as
well as reporting about deviations from the technical plan; constant coordination with administrative
D9 (08/2006) – First year progress report (Report)
D20 (08/2007) – Second year progress report (Report)
D30 (08/2008) – Final project report (Report)
The progress reports contain the usual figures and information according to the standard reporting guidelines of the Commission.
Milestones and expected results
The project management will ensure careful use of project resources, appropriate project performance
along the guidelines of the Commission, duly reporting to the Project Officer, fostering committed work
of all partners towards the project goals and a collaborative way of working.

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